Looking for Free Stock Photos for Your Social Media Campaign? We Got You Covered.

Did you know that 60% of your average visitors have a developed sense for beauty and design? If your social profiles provide amateur graphics – you may suddenly get increased bounce rate. As time goes and everyone are trying to create more beautiful designs and show their photography skills, people got subconsciously educated on what is good – and what isn’t.

However, getting your website and social profiles packed with beautiful stock photos may be expensive. On the other hand, there are a lot of free stock photo platforms that will provide you with amazing stock photos for free.

The photos you are after must be eye-catching, related to the story of your brand, as well as your mission and values. Some companies or websites can engage with a local photographer and get professional images done for free or low cost.

There are various courses that can teach on how to get stock-like photos with your smartphone, that can be done and used immediately.

Yet, if you are looking for great sites that provide free stock photos, here are our top three choices for royalty-free images with stock quality:


Used by photographers to get exposure, Pexels are offering an incredibly large choice of free stock photos that you are allowed to apply to your website or social media campaigns – and they look really professional! Pexels are not tying you to attribute your use back to the photographer, no strings attached here.


One of our favorite repository for free stock photos. Unsplash is a great place to find abstract photos or travel / nature / food type of imagery posted by professionals where they gain amazing exposure. They are known to upload and choose ten free stock images on daily basis.


Are you in a hurry? LibreStock is like the search engine of free stock images and will supply you with free photos that are available in over 50+ repositories of stock photos – and the sweet part is, no attribution is needed. You can use anything in the results for commercial project.

Death To Stock Photo

These guys just hate stock photos that are not free! Get in their email list and you will get free and professional stock photos in your mail every month. They guarantee the quality Is eye catching and lovely.

Now that you know where to find the best places for free stock photos that you can use on your social media campaign and company website – what repository is your favorite one?

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